Immediately change these 5 habits if you do not want to harm your stomach

Thay đổi ngay 5 thói quen này nếu không muốn làm hại dạ dày của bạn

Stomach disease is not formed in 1 day 2 but it is the result of carelessness for a long time. The disease is often detected late and greatly affects daily life. Therefore, experts recommend that there are 5 bad habits that cause stomach diseases, including stomach cancer, which should be avoided as follows:

1. Eating too fast

Busy life makes many people, especially young people, office workers have the habit of eating quickly and chewing quickly. It is the cause of many serious diseases for the stomach.

Eating too fast often causes digestive problems because when the amount of food enters the body too quickly, the brain has not yet received signals from the stomach and as a result, the stomach does not have time to secrete and contract to digest food. . Long-term fast eating habits can lead to stomach pain, stomach ulcers.

Thay đổi ngay 5 thói quen này nếu không muốn làm hại dạ dày của bạn

2. Not eating enough 3 meals a day

The modern pace of life also makes many people not eat on time and cannot eat enough 3 meals a day. Even, there are many young people to lose weight, pursue their dream body, but often skip meals, mostly breakfast and dinner, which is very bad for their stomach health.

In fact, maintaining 3 meals a day is extremely important, especially in the morning. After a long sleep at night, the body’s energy is exhausted, if you do not eat and drink in time, the stomach is stimulated by gastric acid, over time the digestive function will be greatly reduced, causing gastroenteritis. stomach, ulcers and long-term stomach cancer.

3. Drink a lot of alcohol, carbonated soft drinks

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who drink sugary drinks every day, including sodas and fruit drinks, have a 59% higher risk of digestive diseases. . In particular, if you often drink them when cold, the risk of stomach and digestive tract irritation is higher. In the long run, it causes many dangerous diseases for the stomach.

In addition, the habit of drinking alcohol not only increases the risk of stomach cancer but also lung cancer, liver cancer…

4. Eat late at night

Young people today often tend to live at night a lot, so eating habits also change, making late-night eating become popular.

However, eating late at night, even if it’s just a snack, has a great effect on the body, increasing the burden on the stomach and intestines. While needing rest, these two organs have to work too hard, leading to impaired function and early disease. At the same time, eating at night will also affect sleep, making it difficult to sleep, making the body more tired.

Thay đổi ngay 5 thói quen này nếu không muốn làm hại dạ dày của bạn

5. Drug abuse

We often have the habit of taking pain relievers, antibiotics even when it’s just simple pain such as headache, muscle pain, joint pain … without knowing that they cause great harm to the stomach.

These drugs inhibit the production of the protective lining of the stomach wall, kill beneficial bacteria, cause stomach bleeding, and even cause ulcers for a long time without any symptoms.

In particular, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also recommended as very dangerous for the stomach, but are often used without a prescription. A 2016 study found that this class of drugs causes bleeding, inflammation, and ulcers in the stomach and small intestine.

To protect health and prevent stomach diseases, especially stomach cancer, you should not abuse pain relievers if the pain is not really serious. You should also only take antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs when prescribed or after receiving professional advice from your doctor.