Iceland suspends use of Moderna vaccine

Covid-19 : Moderna chính thức đề nghị cấp phép cho vac-xin tại Mỹ

On October 8, Iceland suspended the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

“The supply of the Pfizer vaccine was sufficient… so the epidemiological leadership decided not to use the Moderna vaccine in Iceland,” a notice posted on the website of the Icelandic Directorate of Health.

According to the head of the Icelandic epidemiology agency, the decision comes from the increased incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination with Moderna.

Over the past two months, Iceland has administered an “almost exclusively” additional dose of the Moderna vaccine to people who have received the Janssen vaccine, a single-dose vaccine manufactured and distributed by Johnson & Johnson of the US.

In addition, elderly and immunocompromised individuals who had previously received two doses of another vaccine received the same indication.

This does not affect the vaccination campaign on the island of 370,000 people, where 88% of the population over the age of 12 is fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 : Moderna chính thức đề nghị cấp phép cho vac-xin tại Mỹ

From October 7, Sweden and Finland also suspended the use of the Moderna vaccine, but only for people under 30 years of age, because of the risk of causing inflammation of the heart muscle and pericardium.

Denmark and Norway have officially recommended that people under the age of 18 should not apply this method.

According to the Swedish authorities, most people with these inflammations are benign and self-limited, but it is recommended to seek advice from a doctor when these symptoms appear.