How to apply for a scholarship to study in the US effectively 100%

Cách xin học bổng du học Mỹ hiệu quả, "bách phát bách trúng"

What is important when hunting for American scholarships?

The United States is a country with the world’s leading education, a “promised land” that everyone wants to come to to experience, explore and learn. Therefore, universities in the US often set very high requirements, especially for international students who want to apply for scholarships.

Schools in the US always evaluate the overall profile in two parts: hardware and software. In which, hardware includes GPA, SAT/ACT (for bachelor’s) or GMAT/GRE (for Master’s), Awards (if any), Experience (for candidates pursuing Master’s and Doctoral degrees). ); software is Essay, Extracurricular Activities, Letter of Recommendation. In order to catch the eyes of schools, students need to have a “beautiful” overall profile that clearly shows their personality and ability.

Cách xin học bổng du học Mỹ hiệu quả, "bách phát bách trúng"

In addition, the choice of school and field of study is also a significant factor affecting the success rate of scholarship hunting. Students should apply to schools and majors that match their abilities and desires. Instead of just focusing on the school’s ranking, don’t forget to consider the ranking of your chosen major.

How to apply for a scholarship to study in the US?

Hunting for scholarships to study in the US is an arduous and difficult process. Therefore, the advice of those who went before on how to apply for a scholarship to study in the US effectively is always that students should start preparing their application as soon as possible, be it as early as 10th grade or even earlier ( With English, students need to get used to it from an early age). The minimum time should be about 2 years before studying abroad to have time to study and review for certification exams, strengthen GPA, participate in extracurricular activities …

Get a really high GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) is a prerequisite for American universities when considering scholarships. The higher the GPA the candidate has, the greater the chance of competing for the scholarship. In particular, for students who want to apply for a full scholarship, you should achieve a minimum GPA of 8.0. But keep in mind that GPA isn’t everything to get a scholarship!

Choose your wishes wisely

American universities now have a lot of scholarships of different values, so you should carefully consider the issue of choosing to apply for your scholarships. You need to make a specific list of scholarships suitable to your abilities, interests; Mark the scholarships you can get. However, according to American experts, this list should not be too long, it should only range from 8-10 wishes to be able to achieve the highest application efficiency.

Good foreign language certificate

An effective way to apply for a scholarship to study in the US cannot be without a foreign language certificate, specifically English here. English is the key to success or failure. No matter how excellent you are, if you cannot communicate fluently in English, you will still fail.

Therefore, students need to seriously cultivate and practice English capital to at least reach the minimum score of the school. Usually schools will require IELTS score of 6.5 and TOEFL of 80.

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Actively participate in extra-curricular activities

If in Vietnam, students are only assessed by their academic results, in the US and many countries around the world, extracurricular activities play a very important role. To have good academic results is not too difficult, but participating in social and community activities will show your interest in the world around as well as soft skills such as the ability to work, lead a team.

However, you should remember that quality over quantity. American schools often value and pay attention to students’ positions, roles, and leadership skills when participating in extracurricular activities. Compared to participating in dozens of activities with the position of “attendants” or “members”, you will be appreciated more if you only participate in 2-3 activities but in the position of founder or leader. In addition, you should also choose to participate in activities related to your chosen field of study or projects that you are really passionate about, dedicated to and are willing to devote a lot of time to.

Complete the SAT/ACT or GMAT/GRE

In the US, SAT/ACT or GMAT/GRE is also considered an important metric for assessing applicants. In which, SAT/ACT test is for bachelor’s students, GMAT/GRE test is for master’s program. In addition, at the bachelor’s level, if a student also registers for the test and scores well in some SAT Subject Tests (also known as SAT 2), it will make an even better impression.

Invest time writing essays

If your GPA, IELTS/TOEFL, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE certificates show how hard you studied and put in effort, your essay is a reflection of who you are. You shouldn’t feel pressured about the essay as it is part of a portfolio where you have complete control over preparation time, topic, content and approach. While there’s no perfect formula for every essay on top US universities, there’s a simple secret: Take the time to analyze your topic, select your own content, and pass it on. load the correct message. Don’t try to turn yourself into someone, but how to show who you are. That’s what the Review Board wants to know.

In the end, above is information on how to apply for a scholarship to study in the US effectively, which can help you in preparing your upcoming study abroad application.

Studying abroad is not the only way to success, but you will surely succeed in half if you study abroad. Thank you for reading.