Harmful effects of masturbation abuse in women

4 việc phụ nữ làm trước khi đi ngủ có thể đẩy nhanh quá trình lão hóa của cơ thể nhưng nhiều người không biết

Excessive masturbation leads to physical weakness, mental fatigue, prolonged stress, anxiety and depression, which makes women lack concentration at work and study, affecting work productivity as well as study results. .

If too much, masturbation also easily leads to sexual deviation, only liking yourself and people of the same sex without caring about the opposite sex.

Many female friends who are addicted to masturbation will fall into a closed life, more withdrawn, may be autistic, always prefer to be alone to satisfy themselves, may even lead to very serious sex addiction. serious.

If the female masturbation tool or it can also be the nail itself, before the “selfie” is not cleaned properly, when masturbating deep into the vagina, it is easy to cause scratches to the vaginal mucosa, creating favorable conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow, causing gynecological diseases in women. Or these tools are the source of bacteria that enter the body even though there is no scratch.

4 việc phụ nữ làm trước khi đi ngủ có thể đẩy nhanh quá trình lão hóa của  cơ thể nhưng nhiều người không biết

Many women pay little attention to the small abnormal changes of the private area such as itching in the vaginal area or outside the vagina, the appearance of vaginal discharge with a change in color and an unusual odor… Those are the signs. the beginning of some diseases such as cervical ectropion, uterine polyps or uterine cancer.

Females who masturbate a lot gradually lose the feeling of excitement and require stronger stimulation. Many women suffer from frigidity after marriage, because they do not get the high pleasure from their man as masturbation brings or prefer masturbation to ‘love’. This will cause marital status to go down and not bring true happiness.

Although female masturbation is an act to satisfy a normal physiological need. But to avoid the unpredictable harmful effects of masturbation, it is necessary to have a healthy spiritual and sexual life.