Common mistakes when dieting to lose weight women need to avoid

Đau dạ dày có ăn được yến mạch không? - INDembassy

Eating rice is afraid of fat, many women replace rice by eating fries, eating fried noodles… The trainer asserts that this is one of the most common mistakes when losing weight.

I don’t know since when, women are obsessed with rice because this is a source of fast fattening food. Many people with unwanted weight gain were extremely panic, hastily cut off rice – the main daily supply of starch for the body to function and work.

However, many women are very “smart” when cutting rice out of the menu and then adding fried potatoes and fried noodles to the menu. There is no shortage of fried noodles, greasy crispy fries… which are believed by the dairy sisters to be healthier, unable to fatten the body with white rice.

This is one of the very common problems of women who want to lose weight. They consider rice as an enemy, making their body unwanted. However, they exchanged meals with potatoes and noodles as a way to fill the void of rice.

They consider this to be an extremely effective way to lose weight because of rumors like “not eating starch is losing weight fast”… How have these thoughts been debunked by experts?

Đau dạ dày có ăn được yến mạch không? - INDembassy

Skipping rice but eating noodles, eating fries is no different

According to coach Bui Thi Yen Xuan (working in Ho Chi Minh City), many women want to lose weight quickly and find negative ways to lose weight. In particular, cutting off rice to lose weight is one of the most common.

Except for those who completely fast – acting too negatively when losing weight, there is no shortage of women who give up white rice by filling it with things like fried potatoes and greasy fried noodles. It’s true. And this fact makes the coach unable to help but speak up.

rice or potatoes or noodles … are sources of starch to provide energy for the body. No food is completely bad nor is there any food that is completely good, good or bad depends on how we use it right or not.

But giving up rice to eat fried potatoes, fried noodles… constantly is too wrong. In addition to a high amount of starch, fried potatoes and noodles also contain trans fats, which are not good for health, should not be eaten much.

“The story of weight loss is based on the principle that the energy consumed (through eating) is smaller than the energy expended (through exercise and metabolism). So, skipping rice but eating noodles and fried potatoes is also okay. no different,” the coach affirmed.

The brain needs starch to work and function, it cannot be completely cut out from the menu

MSc Doan Thi Tuong Vi (Former Head of the Department of Nutrition, Hospital 198) added that many people think that cutting out starches to lose weight is more effective, but this is a very wrong thought.

Ăn nhiều cơm trắng bị tê phù?

According to experts, the human body wants to function normally, it needs to be provided with 4 groups of substances: starch – protein – fat – vitamins and minerals. In which starch is abundant in rice, cassava … If you completely cut these foods out of your diet, your health will be affected, causing many consequences.

“Starch provides energy for the brain to work, helps the brain focus and work. Here, if you cut it out, how can you ensure brain function? Mental workers need starch, manual workers also need starch to be able to complete the job well. Therefore, cutting out rice is completely wrong and does not guarantee healthy weight loss,” said Dr. Tuong Vi. determined.

Experts advise that it is best for women not to “fail the speed” in weight loss. If you want to have a healthier and more beautiful body, start with scientific health care habits, a healthier diet such as limiting fried foods, high in fat, not overeating, arbitrarily. .. rather than cutting anything out completely. Instead of eating 2 bowls of rice each meal, you can reduce each meal to one bowl, for example.

In addition, you need to increase exercise to burn excess fat, the body becomes more and more toned. Ideally, you should have a diet combined with scientific and methodical exercise, suitable for your health situation and conditions according to the instructions of the coach, PT to achieve the best effect!