At the party, the boss splashed alcohol in the face, what will you do

Trong bữa tiệc, bị sếp hất rượu vào mặt, bạn sẽ làm gì?

I have been working in the legal department for 10 years. At work, I often disagree with the opinions of leaders because I like to pursue fairness and integrity. So my superiors are always very unhappy with me.

At the boss’s birthday party, the company’s employees all attended in large numbers. After drinking a few rounds, everyone’s face started to turn red.

The boss borrowed the voice of alcohol, walked over and directly criticized me for being “disrespectful” to the boss. In addition, the subordinates who were encroached upon were constantly flattering and provoking him.

Under the provocation of the employees, the boss thought he had to do something to show his authority and position. While I was not paying attention, he suddenly turned around and grabbed a glass of wine and threw it right in my face.

At this moment, all the colleagues turned their eyes to the two of us waiting to see a good play. Half wanted to see how I coped, the other half wanted to see the boss lose face.

Trong bữa tiệc, bị sếp hất rượu vào mặt, bạn sẽ làm gì?

I’m not the easy type to bully, but I have to bow my head in front of others. Licking the last drop of wine on my lips, I turned around and smiled at the boss:

“Boss, I think there must be some misunderstanding between us, I’ll take soup instead of wine to make amends with you. Hope your career will be successful in the future…”

Then I shouted, “Waiter, bring a big bowl!”

After that, I slowly filled the big bowl with hot pot broth, gently picked it up and walked to the boss. The boss saw that I had such a sincere intention and quickly said:

“Okay, it’s good to know that, it’s okay to do things a little later…”

My other colleagues are probably imagining how I would drink that bowl of hotpot. That said, human nature is evil. So the crowd started cheering “so it must be exhausted…” “it can’t be done…”

“Okay, during the hot soup, and you guys are cheering so enthusiastically, how can I let everyone down?” I smirked

I suddenly picked up the momentum, put the bowl of soup straight into the boss’s face. After that, I only heard the sound of a pig being cut off and the dumbfounded faces of my colleagues.

Fortunately, the soup is not very hot, plus the boss’s thick buffalo skin should not leave any damage, only red for more than half a month. That’s also why I was fired. Although I had to compensate a bit of money, I felt very satisfied.