4 warning signs of aging parents’ health that children need to know

Cha mẹ già và con cái ở xa, giải pháp nào để thuận cả đôi bề?

Currently, the trend of elderly parents living separately in their own home is increasing, there are many reasons to explain this trend, and this issue we do not discuss here. But from a health perspective, children need to be mindful of when it is safe to let their parents live alone, and when they should not be left alone without support and supervision.

Here are 4 warning signs that warn your elderly parents of red flags about health when they are not living with their children and grandchildren.

1. Elderly parents have little or no arrangement of furniture in their house

If one day, you see your elderly parents have little or no interest in cleaning up the clutter in their own house, which your parents used to have a habit of cleaning and tidying up. .

A cluttered home can be a sign of depression, or an inability to do the daily routines they’ve been doing for many years.

Some examples: Trash bins piled up without emptying; Leftovers are left messy in the refrigerator or scattered around the house; Clothes to be washed are forgotten; Dishes piled up in the sink; The restroom became dirty.

It’s a red alert, you may have reason to worry!

2. Elderly parents lose weight for no apparent reason

If elderly parents lose weight but do not diet, for unknown reasons, you need to be very careful. This is a red warning sign of aging parent health that you cannot ignore.

Cha mẹ già và con cái ở xa, giải pháp nào để thuận cả đôi bề?

Unexplained weight loss may indicate the following health conditions:

– They may be sick without knowing it;

They may have a taste disorder and they may forget to eat at the right time;

– They may experience depression and decreased appetite;

– They may have potentially dangerous diseases.

3. Elderly parents show signs of neglect or neglect of personal hygiene

Recently, you have seen the personal hygiene problems of elderly parents appear to be negligent and often overlooked. You need to question and raise red flags about the health of the elderly.

In some cases, the cause may be physical impairment, and in other cases, the cause may be mental. But whether it’s physical or mental, it is a red warning that health will decline.

Some examples: They stop brushing their teeth or rarely shower; They forget to take care of themselves, forget to change their clothes and don’t realize it.

4. Elderly parents become difficult to talk to you on the phone

Usually your elderly parents can communicate with you over the phone, but lately that has become difficult. You need to be alert now!

If an elderly parent’s ability to hear or understand suddenly becomes a problem and challenge, you need to focus on screening their health immediately to detect health problems.