26 people died from alcohol poisoning in Russia

According to Reuters news agency, as of October 7, there have been only 9 deaths in victims aged 36 to 72 with a preliminary diagnosis of ethanol poisoning. After 2 days, the number of deaths increased to 26 people.

In addition, 28 people are being treated with obvious symptoms of alcohol poisoning. All the male and female victims of this poisoning lived in the Orenburg region.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has directed its local office to investigate whether wines sold in Orenburg, 1,500km southeast of Moscow, meet safety standards.

Authorities also seized various liquors at a warehouse in the city of Orsk and inspected a bottling and wine production facility there.

They seized more than 3,000 empty plastic bottles, equipment for the production and bottling of alcohol products in bulk, 1,279 alcohol-containing products in glass bottles, and 0.5-liter plastic bottles without mandatory labels. required by Russian law.

Yesterday, 8-10, the investigative committee arrested six people for allegedly producing and selling alcohol that is “dangerous” to users. The drinks involved in this incident had toxic levels of ethanol three to five times higher than the legal limit.

Governor Orenburg warned people not to buy alcohol while authorities investigated the incident.

Since the massive alcohol poisoning incident in Siberia in 2016 in which more than 60 people died, authorities in Russia have tightened control over the production and sale of beverages, drugs, perfumes and liquids with a high percentage of ethanol. .