Mediterranean blue sky (Pt2) – Museum Of Masterpiece Works

I went to the Musei Vatican on a rainy afternoon. The line lined up more than 200 meters around the stone wall surrounding the back of Vatican City. The crowd was so uncomfortable, resonating with the tour sellers of up to 50 euros for a guide, I became more and more bored. The friend beside me told me “I will go home, too much”, making me not too eager to enter the Musei Vatican despite its magnificence.

But the flow of people moves fast, intermittently in groups because it protects too many people at once into the museum. Only about 20 minutes I was standing in front of the door waiting for the next group turn. Another 10 minutes passed when the visitors were prioritized first and we also went inside to buy tickets, the rain made the hands cold enough.

“The Musei Vatican is better than it should be and deserves to wait!” – I told my friend along with more fatigue than excitement.

But only when walking inside, passing the security checkpoint, turning into the first showroom, the feeling of satisfaction overwhelmed and brought excitement to the legs and eyes.

Twenty-two separate collections include the Musei Waveani, each more spectacular than the next. The most famous is probably the Pio-Clementino collection, with magnificent classical sculptures; Raphael rooms, all rooms painted by Raphael; Pinacoteca – home to countless works of art, the Vatican’s medieval and Renaissance paintings; and, of course, the Sistine Chapel performed by Michelangelo. But there are also ancient Egyptian exhibitions of the Gregoriano Egizio gallery, as well as Etruscan services of the Gregoriano Etrusco Museum. And that’s just a start for you to explore.

As I stepped out of the Musei Vatican, I had the opportunity to admire Giuseppe Momo’s spiral staircase designed in 1932. This spiral staircase is one of the most photographed places and also ranks in the “famous “Most in the world, partly because it is in a building that is also famous for crowded visitors. If you go on a tour, you may miss this masterpiece, because from the Sistine Chapel, you will be guided to the path of the straight cathedral tour, but if you go out, the exit will lead to the garden, first When leaving the garden is this masterpiece.

And it was the Vatican, the smallest country in the world, but there were countless things that made me admire. There is an irresistible attraction from buildings, architecture, and history. My place came to see my own smallness under the world’s largest church, and the authority of this place.

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