Skolavordustigur (Iceland), Christmas greetings between the Arctica

While walking on a famous shopping street Skolavordustigur between the Roykavest, capital of Iceland. I was surprised to see that the weather below this could still cause people to beat the road to welcome Christmas.

The line of tourists also flock to Iceland more than this festival, because of the Arctic scenery, or simply feel the cold air of Iceland. Although it is said that Iceland, Iceland is still warmer than other Nordic countries at the same time. So even if it is less than 0, just wear it well and be comfortable walking on this street.

Skolavordustigur is the only busy shopping street of Roykavest. Because the population density is not crowded, the shopping demand is not too high. When walking here, I admire the decorations hanging across the road, wrapped with yellow strips of lights look extremely warm. The shops are also faithful to the simple design with yellow lights wrapped around pine, mistletoe, gift boxes, not as colorful as I know when in Asia. I like this minimalist.

Can’t forget to visit the beautiful Hallgree church in the center of Iceland. This is the highest church in Iceland with 74.5m and has history since 1945.

When coming to Roykavest, the Christmas markets are small and crowded across the streets of the city center. The stalls of Christmas decorations were arranged in wooden, wood-covered stalls, dotted with decorative lights and trees.

At the market, in addition to Christmas decorations, gifts such as porcelain cups, furniture, are also widely sold. In addition, there are food stores in the market, where you can order a glass of aromatic cinnamon latter or peppermint latte for the best Christmas.

The market is also the perfect backdrop for saving the Christmas memories of the Island because of the many Christmas decorations and giant Christmas trees in front of the market.

Iceland has countless fairy tales about ghosts and elves. When I participated in day trips, the driver over 60 years old and the tour guide did not lack stories to tell,

The appearance of Yule Lads marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Iceland. These thirteen brothers, who are direct descendants of trolls, live in dark caves in the mountains with their ogre parents – their mother Grýla and their father Leppalúði – and the child swallowed Yule Cat.

Initially, the Yule Lads were criminal scammers who in turn sneaked into rural communities where they stole, harassed and plundered, and each had a descriptive name that reflected the reverse form. my favorite; “Do-phil” likes to slam doors in the darkness of the night, “Sausage-Swiper” will hide in rafters, where they come to make smoked sausages, and “Candle Stealer” to steal candles, candles made from animal fat.

Today, however, the Yule Lads turn to a new form and play the traditional role of Santa Claus. Every one of thirteen nights before Christmas Eve, one of the thirteen Yule Lads will leave molded potatoes in the shoes that the kids put in front of a window sill, depending on their behavior throughout the year.

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