Mediterranean blue sky (Pt6), Sorrentini, where love songs are sung

I used to think about writing about Sorrentini like writing a love song, like listening to smoldering jazz songs in Saigon’s same cafe. But that’s just Sorrentini I thought before coming here.

It was the third day in Italy, the luggage was still not visible, only the old clothes and the lover’s jacket remained. “I’ll wait until the evening if I don’t see my baggage and leave for Napoli,” I said when the hope for luggage arrived on time.

Having booked a decent hotel in Naples, the information about ferry travel to Sorrentini is enough, and most importantly, having an ideal companion, I thought I would go to Sorrentini to write my own song.

The train from Roma Termini at 7:30 PM took me to Napoli, intending to arrive at 11:45 pm. Free time to open the phone to see the hotel booking in Naples. A lovely room is painted white and Italian furniture is gold but somewhat more modern. But the only thing wrong is the maximum check-in time of 9 pm. Read over and over and over, check the website. I unconsciously sent an email and received a quick response.

“After 9pm at the hotel without staff, we regret that we can’t help you.”

Like how much I hope the trip to Naples and Sorrentini is, so much disappointment with so much trouble.

It’s fun to try to think of as long as I can stay with you, but it’s not interesting to find a hotel near midnight. The train has just passed a station, we also find a hotel that allows 24-hour check-in.

Go to a taxi and go to a smaller, more old hotel with the hotel “missing” before, feeling pity because of plans to miss the village.

Sorrentini appeared before her from the far sea after 40 minutes at sea. From the far, only the houses above the cliff cliff and the bottom of the sea are deep blue.

Stepping down to the jetty was paved like the roads in Italy, each sea breeze blew and blew, making me – even though I still had no stress at this time to think about luggage and regret the night hotel. past – somewhat relaxed.

Entering the center of Sorrentini, the two had to go up a steep slope, because they arrived at the hotel at midnight, the work got up early because there was still the echo of the time zone difference, the face on the slope was not very beautiful. .

But only when going up and wandering into the small streets to find the fence next to the park overlooking the stone architecture and Mediterranean harmony under the glorious sunshine of a late afternoon, that scene only makes us choke. .

Sitting at Mo Mo’s Italian restaurant, I did not expect to enjoy one of the best meals in the journey at the small Sorrentini. That’s laughing …

The smile appeared at the end of the day, because of the beautiful scenery and a delicious meal. That’s enough.

Perhaps the trip to Sorrentini is not to write love songs, the short trip to see that the smile will always hide in the difficulty of the trip.

Seeing Sorrentini someday when I went back to ferry across Capri, Positano and many other islands, I didn’t promise to write love songs, but promised to tell me about my own journey.

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