Mediterranean blue sky (Pt4) – The villages on the transparent horizon…

I boarded the Blu-ray ferry at 6am, my eyes still drowsy and sleepy and I had to carry heavy suitcases. Looking at the ferry leaving Piraeus harbor of Athens, I gradually saw the horizon appear before my eyes. The journey lasted 5 hours, sounding far away but the wifi with the ferry (charge), a cafe, a burger restaurant and a comfortable seat made 7 hours too long. And because there is a companion beside you, A 5 hours full length trip is nothing.

Ferries landed unnamed landmarks, then gradually the island of Santorini was known with the official name Thira, appearing before her eyes.

Santorini was named by the Roman Empire in the 13th century, and is a reference to St. Irene, from the name of the old church in Perissa village – the name Santorini is a brief spelling of Santa Irini. Earlier, the island was also known as Kallístē “the most beautiful”. The name Thera was revived in the nineteenth century as the official name of the island and its main city, but the colloquial name Santorini is still in common use.

Santorini is basically what remained after a giant volcanic eruption that destroyed the earliest settlements on an island before and created the current geological crater. The main island slopes into the Aegean Sea, where the ferry docked. The island’s main port is Athinios. The capital Fira clings to the top of the cliff overlooking the lagoon. Looking from Fira to the end of the island is Oia village, Santorini’s most beautiful place and also the place I am heading for.

Arriving at the harbor, there were many offers to transfer to Oia for 20 euros per person, but after a bid, I also got 15 euros per person straight to Oia.

The hotels in Oia have a special point that you have to check in almost 90% of the Tourist Information Center, from here, the attendants will give you the key and there are 1-2 young people who will bring your luggage to take the room.

Choose the magnificent Residence Suites with Oia’s distinctive splendor: white houses, sometimes with blue tips, creating a beautiful Greek flag on the deep sea below, and the horizon here seems endless. Each hotel on the sea wall is built into the stone layer, often called cave hotel. I was grateful that I didn’t save the cost of booking a hotel in Oia, because when I passed the capital of Fira, that place couldn’t be compared to Oia.

When I first arrived, the sky was yellow, but the strong wind made the sky dance and made me wear a layer of blazer to go to the street. Before coming to Oia, I saw many images on the internet, even many films showed me the crowded lines of tourists in the small streets in the village, I was somewhat worried because I would have to compete with each land. to hang out.

But staying in Oia, not in other villages in Santorini, made me see Oia in shock. The lines of tourists usually arrive at 11am and return at 2pm. At that time, the small streets in Oia seemed to suffocate, but out of that time frame there were only a few dozen people in the middle of the street.

Sunrise over the cave hotel room is also beautiful. And sitting down at the table in front of the room to have a homemade breakfast is also an unforgettable experience.

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